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Texas Takes on the Marijuana Controversy

Texas laws regarding marijuana and marijuana-derived products have been going through lots of changes in the last few years causing confusion by citizens in Cleburne and other areas throughout Texas. Since these laws are continually changing, citizens and visitors alike should keep informed as to the latest news about marijuana products to avoid being arrested and prosecuted on drug charges.

Sorting Out the Confusion about THC

Some of the confusion about cannabis products and THC is based on the difference between marijuana-derived THC and hemp-derived THC. There is not much difference between marijuana and hemp except for the potency level of the THC each one contains. Hemp has a lower concentration of THC than marijuana which prompted the federal government to legalize its use under certain conditions.

The Beginning of Changes in Texas

Back in 2015, Texas governor Greg Abbott signed the Texas Compassionate Use Act allowing anyone with epilepsy the option to use cannabis oil to alleviate their medical condition. Since then, the law has been expanded to include other diseases such as Lou Gehrig’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease. All other uses of cannabis products remain illegal as misdemeanors and also felonies.

Some Products May Remain Illegal

As the laws change in Texas regarding the use of THC products such as THC oil, THC wax, and THC edibles, it will become easier for citizens to purchase, possess, and use them. However, laws may not allow the full use of the product for recreational purposes. As time move forward you may find that some marijuana and hemp products will remain illegal where users are subject to prosecution by law enforcement in Cleburne.

New Marijuana Laws are Coming Soon to Texas

As Texas politicians hash out what the legal use of THC is and what is illegal, criminal defense attorneys will continue to try and clear their clients of marijuana-related criminal charges and to restore others who were unjustly convicted of marijuana crimes that are no longer crimes.